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5 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart

When the body is hurt, we can witness the healing physically.
When the heart is hurt, we have to heal internally.


  1. Write your thoughts out in a journal ~:
Cry if you have to. Speak to a friend or a therapist to help you understand how you can be better off without that individual. There are so many feelings that we experience when our heart is broken; Sadness, Anger, Loneliness, Nostalgia.
      All of them have to be met head-on, face to face, feel every emotions in full. Although suppressing unpleasant feelings, Feels like the most natural thing to do, avoiding our emotions will stop us from moving past them.

    2. Exercise ~:

Work out and get outdoors. Movies and songs have made us believe that when we have a broken heart, the best healing is cuddling up, watching a movie and eating a tub of ice cream. But actually, it's the opposite .
Getting your endorphins pumping through exercise is usually recommended after heartbreak. And for a good reason. Going for a run or doing anything active can reduce your stress levels, improve cognitive functioning, and boost your mood. Even if exercising is the last thing you want to do, getting out of your head and into your body is a great start.

     3. Create a gratitude list ~:

Painful breakups can cloud our thinking, making it impossible to see beyond immediate feelings of pain and loss. You may have trouble remembering all the things to be grateful for because you're so much focused on the negative. And at that time, our mind magnifies and amplifies all of the pain.
     When you're thankful for all that you have without that person, you never run back to what broke you.

     4. Change the music you're listening to ~:

If you have a broken heart listening to song about broken hearts only makes it worse. When you listen yo music that's uplifting, that's calming, that's soothing, that will help you heal quicker.

     5. Let them go ~:

Unfollow them on social media. Delete their number of your phone. Don't spend time in the circle where you're surrounding by the same people. And most of all, don't get involved in that toxic gossip that usually develops after a break up. Take it one day at time and build your own routine without that person.
         And remember you don't fix yourself by breaking someone else. And the person that broke you can't fix you.

When you're thankful for what you have without that person, you will never run back to what broke you......Broken heart/Healing/Love and Romance.

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