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Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy.

Not everyone you lose is a loss.  Sometimes it's what you need.

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Here's the thing, I think you can really start focusing on yourself when this is the time. So much of your energy was drawing from that relationship. Take your focus so much. You are putting aside your work, you are putting aside your fiends. And so often in our relationship we end up losing ourselves.

So this is the time you will be able to find yourself again. I think you have to take a moment, take a step back, pause, think. And use this as a time in your life to re-invest in your own happiness, your own fulfillment. Ask yourself how; what am I really passionate about? What is it about which I am excited. What does it really drive and fuel me?

And when you start there, you'll find that you're not going to look for someone else to fill those gaps. And one thing I really want you to know is that it's not about being happy with someone, it's about being someone who makes you happy.

One of the thing that i really would want you to remember; will be included in HERE 

Not everyone you lose is a loss. Sometimes it's what you want.......Romance/Happy/Love

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