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Before You Break Up

This happens in relationships all the time. We're speaking different love language. We end up giving people what we want rather than what they want.

So maybe you're really looking for time. You're really looking for someone to be there but he's giving you gifts , but you actually really want words of affirmation and encouragement and support but what you're getting is time and acts of service. So you're speaking different languages;

Love can be expressed in all these languages, but when you're speaking in your own and she's speaking in hers, you end up miscommunicating and you end up not understanding each other.

  • So what you need is to understand each other. She actually needs your time. She doesn't want your money , she doesn't want all of that. She actually wants your love and your sincere effort. 
  • And also to you what he actually wants is to feel that you care for your words. He needs that support , he needs to hear it from you. 

And remember love is not something that you do for yourself, it's what you do to serve others. 

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A relationship's success is determined by how sensitive issues are discussed.........Romance/Understanding/Love.

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