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Don't Let Insecurity Ruin Something Amazing.

When Your Partner Doesn't Trust You.

It's incredible all of us in our current relationships project experiences from the past. Whether it's being interactions, people, situations that we're been through before, we start creating that reality again and those insecurities of the past start mirroring our reality today. And we all experience this all different stages of our life.

We all experience insecurities in works, relationships, friendships, and even in our families. And when that happens, we let our insecurities completely destroy something amazing,😂. Something that has so much potential, something that is free from all the negativity that we had before, but we're still carrying it with us today. And the truth is, if we have insecurities or we have doubts, its OK to voice them.
It's just about voicing them in the right way!™.

When you choose to attack or accuse someone it immediately puts them on the defensive. It scares the other person away, especially when they haven't done something wrong. But if we can approach these situations with maturity, being conscious, being aware and discussing them, in a proper sense, sharing how we feel. Then we allow the other person to come with sensitivity , we allow the other person to help us through this challenge.

Often we just behave in our ways just as we were out of relationships even when we are in one. 

And the truth is that things change, things evolve and so it's really important for you to also be conscious and aware that you're not feeling that insecurity. Don't let insecurity ruin something amazing .

The most expensive thing in this world is trust , It can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose..  Romance/Love/Trust.

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