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The shocking truth of solitude

Lonely is not being alone , it's the feeling that no one loves you.

Here's the shocking truth about loneliness. This is why  we need to take it more seriously.

      Surveys show 1 out of 3 adults are lonely. And the health impact of loneliness are shocking.
     Studies have shown that people who are lonely are 50% more likely die before their time.
     Researches show that loneliness is as damaging to our health as not smoking one, not two , but fifteen(15) cigarettes per day. Only half Americans say they have meaningful, face to face interactions with a loved one, family or friends every single day. 
     Members of Generation Z say they are the loneliest generation and experience more health problems as a result of it. Loneliness was also linked with less physical activity, compulsive use of digital technology and not being able to share our problems with others.

In a Study of  20,000 adults, 54% say that they don't know one person that knows them well. Additionally, 56% of people said that the people they surround themselves with are not necessarily with them. An approximately 40% said that they lack companionship, don't have meaningful relationship feel isolated. All of us have been in a crowd, but felt lonely. All of us have been invited to a party but wanted to leave. All of us have likes on social media but don't feel loved in real life. So many of us can get comments on our post but can't get a friend to call us back. Loneliness is real, so here's what we have to do.

      After studying over 2,500 consumers over 6 years , research found that people that see material possession as a sign of success in experience rather than things is a great way of breaking the loneliness and materialism cycle. Schedule a time each day to talk to a friend. Take a class to learn something new. Volunteer to deepen your sense of purpose. Spend time with people who look more like your future than your past. The mental health charity mind decides two factors that can cause loneliness.

Someone either not having enough social contact or more interestingly, being surrounding by people but not feeling understood, loved or cared for.
    Notice, it's not just being around people but being understood. It's not just being invited and present but feeling like you're contributing. Loneliness really comes from lack of significance or lack of worth and what you bring to the table and what value you truly offer.

Loneliness is not being alone , it's the feeling that no one loves you. So start loving  yourself....Loneliness/love /romance 


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