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The Success Of A Relationship

Arguments can actually be good for a relationship. But only if you Raise your words Not your voice. It is the rain that grows flower Not thunder.

We have never learned the skill to grow through conflict, and therefore the conflict continued to grow.

Relationship experts and marriage counselors state that the three(3) most common fights couples have are; Money, Family and Attention.

     We think we're the only ones but we're not alone. We just rarely see these arguments in public. Everyone looks perfect, with no complaints before you look beneath the surface.
When asked, "do you ever argue"? "We never argue".
This is just not true. We argue over 2,455 times a year. That's around 7 times per day. So, what's the secret to a happy successful relationship?

It's not about holiday cruises, romantic walks, or plans for the future. It's not even about cards and gifts with heart and pics, views from rooftops or fancy dinner at a new spot. The secret to being a happy couple is not how you fly together, but how you fight together.

    The study of more than 1,000 adults found that when couple know how to argue they're  10 times more likely to start together. The biggest mistakes we make is avoidance. We feel something, but say nothing ; Smile and drink the poison. At least until that becomes annoying. We tend to avoid these conversations because we're conscious of the risk of speaking, but unconscious of the risk of not speaking up.

So when he says, "can we talk about it?" And she says, "i don't want to talk about it".
Study show that 69% of conflicts are never solved. That means we're often having the same fight again and again.

The success of a relationship is determined by the way in which sensitive issues are discussed.

When we share something reflective, our partner often gets defensive and corrective, and then we stand offended.

     First, know that conflict and disagreement are part of any relationship. Often we take things completely out of proportion not recognizing we have to live a large portion of our life with that person. Don't say anything that's you will regret later just because it looks good on paper.

So in other words, relationship are worth fighting for. 
Wait, listen again ~: relationship are literally worth fighting for, but you must fight together, you can't be the only one fighting.

All relationship goes through hell, but the best ones they grow through it. A strong relationship requires us to love each other, even in the moments that we don't like each other. Don't worry when you fight, it's when you stop, it means there is nothing left for you to keep fighting for.

Non of us should stay in a relationship when we're fighting all the time, but we can learn to change how we fight, Soften your judgment (Speak how you will like to be spoken to). Affirm before you complain. Let your partner know you care. Approach the situation with compassion. Start with empathy. Focus of facts. Initial the dialogue. Stay open minded.
  And remember when you're fighting the real fight is both of you against the problem, not both of you against each other. 

A relationship's success is determined by how sensitive issues are discussed......conflict/fighting/understanding/Care/Love/Romance.

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