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That's not love.

What is the different between "I like you" and "I love you?"

A young boy once ask his teacher "what is the different between between" "I like you", and "I love you?".

    The teacher beautifully answered, well, Italian a flower. If you like a flowers, you pluck it. But if you love a flower, you water it and nurture it daily and watch it grow. There is such a thin line between like and love. And because of it, we makes so many mistakes in our relationship. When we want something in the moment we take it and don't think any further. We do whatever we want to get that feeling of pleasure not realizing that we're neither satisfied by that pleasure and nor will that thing last.

When you pluck a flower, not only will that flower die , but we can't experience it for any longer than that moment. When you water it and take care of it daily , you can experience it forever. We have been wired towards an instant gratification, instant pleasure mindset.

All of the adverts we see whether they're online or offline are geared to driving us towards making instant decisions for instant promises of pleasure.  The catch is not only does that instant please not satisfy us, the feeling doesn't last. We're so used to seeing all the straplines and headlines on the internet.

"Learn this language in five minutes a day."
"Get the ideal body in ten minutes a day."
"Become a millionaire in twelve months."

      Now, all of these sound brilliant, right?
The problem is they're not real. They're not true. They're false promises. The reason why it works is because it appeals to one of the mist basic human desires: situational improvement without major resources investment.
      Ofcourse you can pick up a few words in another language shed a few pounds of weight if that was your goal, or maybe you will make a little but more money. But real knowledge, real awareness, real fitness, real business, all of these things take time.
     Real relationships, real connection, real purpose takes time.
Naturally, the internet headlines focus on the short term instead of the long term. Because most of us would never click on something if it said, "Learn language in five years with dedicated daily practice." We wouldn't click on something that said, "Here is the one hour workout that you need to do every single day." And we wouldn't click on the one that said, "If you want to be a millionaire, here are the ten failure that you will go through in year one, how broke you might be by year three, and you may not even make it by year nine."

    The important lesson here is : 
If you want meaning, if you want purpose, if you want fulfillment, those things take time. Just like that flower, if you want that instant pleasure to pluck it, you can have it in the moment. But if you want to build something of value, if you want to create something of impact, and you want to make a difference, all of those things requires time.

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