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When you think He's Cheating.

Would you cheat if you knew you'd get away with it?
74% of men said they would.
68% of women said they would.

It's so often that we start taking opinions of other people as actual fact. It's crazy when someone cares for us, we Think that all of a sudden they're experts in the reality of our lives and it's incredible of how someone else always have the best advice for us even when they are going through their own challenges.

But what i want you'll to remember is that there's three types of friend that we all have;

The first friend is called the "Yes Friend".

The second friend is the friend that tells you everything you want to hear and  the expert friend , that's the friend you listen to , it's the one who sees everything.
The amazing thing is that he or she loves you so much and cares for you. They're always deeply consign about you but he or she doesn't really know where it coming from and then made that mistake.

The third friend is the guide, who presents you with ideas , share what they're observing, they put forward the genius and thought and what they think would be best for you but they let you make your own decision and they let you come to your won conclusion and that's the people you really want around you when you are making big decisions about your life journey.

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Always make learn how to make your own decisions and conclusions in your relationship.........challenges/understanding/Good friends.

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