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When Your Relationship Looks Better On Social Media.


         We have that thing, "Relationship goals" or "Couple goals",whatever you want to call it. We have it all going for us or so it seems.

I love that we love capturing the moments and having them as these beautiful memories to look on. But when we end up spending more time on focusing and fixating on social media and technology, we end up actually losing the moment that we can experience at that time.

And when we find in these relationship that we end up becoming more addicted and end up spending more time on social media and  technology than we actually do with our partners, our boyfriends, our girlfriends, our families,and when that happens, it's natural for people to feel disconnected and frustrated.

See, the thing is its all about priorities. It's all good and well to capture something and look at it later in the future as a memory but before we do that, we need to actually deeply experience that moment, because that time is priceless. That's something that none of us can ever but back.

Fill your life with experiences not things......relationship goals/Social media/moments/Love.

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