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What's the key to starting of a relationship

One thing for me was this. That because we didn't see each other in dating environments put this pressure of being in an interview. So i compare dates to interviews. It's almost like you have to put your best foot forward. You wear your best clothes. You try and say all the best things. And even if it's not the best actually it's us trying to be right and that's what we do in interviews.

     When you go and interview for a job you want to be the right fit for that person, YEAH! And that's what happens in a dating scenario. Like you are sitting  opposite desk just like you do at an interview. And then someone's asking g a question and you're like "OK WELL WHAT DO I HAVE TO SAY TO MAKE THEM LIKE ME OR TO SAY THE RIGHT THING?" Were as we didn't really get to do that "NO". And I'm not saying that was a conscious choice but now when i look back at it and reflect on it and introspect on it, I'm like we didn't really get an opportunity to date in that sense and that means that i got exposed to real her either by seeing her in a charity organization, seeing her in a real life scenario, how does she treat normal people? And then how she is with her family and I'm like that's the best view you can get of someone and so when i look at the terms of giving advice or tips or whatever , my recommendation is "be around people that you're thinking about being with in an environment where they're just being themselves." Because chances are if you like them the way they are when they're with other people, then you are likely to love them when they're with you too. 

And so often we only see people that we are considering being romantic with or dating with etc, we only see them in dates and dinners and movies night and whatever it is rights? 

You don't need to fake who you're to get to love someone or to make them love you.

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