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Some people think depression is sadness. People are crying for depression. People think depression is quiet.

Depression is when we are smiling, but we're crying. It's when we're talking, but we really want to be. It's when we pretend to be happy, but we don't. Depression isn't always apparent. How we can think we know somebody and still don't know them at all is amazing. I don't think we understand how stressful it is when you don't even understand yourself to explain what's going on in your head.

When we carry the heavy weight of stress, we use filters to lighten our photos. Remember, having highlight reels is okay, but make sure somebody knows how you really feel. Using FaceTime is okay, but make sure you spend face-to-face quality time. Having followers is okay, but make sure you have real friends. Don't live for others ' approval.

Document the most in love with yourself moments. Not only the moment you think people are going to love the most. If for a few days someone doesn't post, we ask if they're OK. We assume they are when someone posts on a daily basis. Say to people that you love them. Be a friend worthy of confidence. Tell them that they are important. Tell them they've survived a lot and are now ready to thrive.

People who care are going to ask how you do it. People who love you are going to wait until you tell the truth. And that's why Robin Williams said, "I think the worst thing in life was ending alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel alone."

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