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For this ONE reason, so many relationships end

No matter how perfect your relationship may be, you think. You'll have disagreements. And no, this isn't negative thinking, it's going to happen, Guaranteed, why? Because you have two different people looking at the world in two different ways, working with different upbringings. "No two people see the same tree," it says. "We all have different definitions of what loves look like and how they look.

So there will be diagrams both Great and Small. So the best thing you can do is be aware and not say "Oh my God!, we're arguing" "I didn't think it would ever happen" "I thought we were perfect" CUT IT OFF, because the true test of a relationship isn't how beautiful it looks in the dock, it's how well it doesn't look in a storm.

Well, the real test if a relationship isn't how beautiful it looks on instagram, it's not how it will be in a conflicting storm. So you scream and scream when conflict occurs. Hit the other person. Do you blame someone else? Or use humility in loving, gentle, gentle speech. Taking responsibility for both partners.

The secret is taking on conflict and it's an opportunity for us to grow closer and more intimate. We need to change the way we see conflict in red, LOOK AT IT LIKE THAT an opportunity, and ideally every partner has to realize this, because all conflicts happen within you. Once you realize that relationships are about discovery and not reduction to an image of your partner, Because you get mad right that's why? You're reduced; then you're reduced to an image and they're never going to be able to live up to the image you've created for them because they can only be them, and when both partners understand that there may be conflict, you may need space or time apart.

But when you develop that mature consciousness energy. That will remove air from any struggle or conflict. Remember, "A moment of patience or attentiveness in a moment of wrath can prevent a hundred moments of regret.

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