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You can have standards that are high. You are allowed to turn down people who offer you less than you would like to hold. Instead of settling for someone below your standards, you would rather remains single. You'd rather hold on to someone who fulfills your expectations than jump into first relationship you can find. It doesn't make you overly picky to be single

You stay busy with my work, my family, my friends. You have plenty of different people and passions to keep you occupied on long, late nights. You're not sitting around, longing for a relationship. If you happens to find someone who fits you, that’s great, but in the meantime, you are perfectly happy spending time alone. You actually like having a bed to yourself, a bathroom to yourself, a heart to yourself. You enjoy your own company. Being single doesn’t make you lonely. 

There's no timeline when it comes to love. Everyone moves at their own pace. You're not falling behind the friends of yours who are married with children. You are simply at different points at their lives. You're set to reach relationship milestones at different times. You're not doing better than me. You are only doing differently than me. Being single doesn’t make you a late bloomer. 

You recognize your positive traits. You realize you are a catch. You are not going to blame your looks or your personality for your single status. You are not going to trick yourself into believing there’s something wrong with you. Like a lot of others out there, you simply haven’t stumbled across the right person. There’s nothing more to it than that. Being single doesn’t make you unlovable. 

Being single does not make you unhappy. You have much more to live for than a romantic relationship. You have a career, Passions, Hopes, Dreams, Friends, Pets. Family, Hobbies. You have a million reasons to wake up excited in the morning.  You don’t feel like you are missing out on anything by being single. You feel like you're exactly where you're meant to be at this moment in time. 

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Being single does not makes you a weirdo, a lesser and a failure

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