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You may need to look again

Perhaps the things you think are broken inside you are just things that serve your purpose and make you thrive.

       Look at your heart's scars. Trace their lines, curves, depth. They were little anchors that weighed you down for so long, little pieces of glass that kept you from moving, for if you did, they would pinch you until you couldn't breathe.

Now look again;

Can't you see they're not anchors, they're not glass, they're not fragmentations of what you once were, they're beauty points? Learning points, loving points, living points?

There's no scars on your heart to ground you, there's no scars to teach you how to live. It's not your definition, it's just part of your story.

Look at the things that you think you're wrong with. Did you feel too deeply told? To strongly? Too much? Have you clung to the notion of being "too sensitive" and let it define your actions, choices, days, years?

Have you ever stopped and wondered why? Why are all these bad things? Where did this idea come from? Or better yet, maybe, maybe, what's wrong with the mindset?

You may feel deeper than others. Perhaps your emotions are strong and can hit like a wind rage. You may be a sensitive soul, and that sensitivity has guided your actions, your choices, and your days and years — and perhaps it's not about the fact that it was the guiding point, but perhaps it's about how it was the guiding point.

Perhaps it's about understanding that your sensitivity isn't a flaw because it can be of service to you and your communities. Perhaps this sensitivity can be channeled into a field where you can help others and use your sensitivity as a healing, hope, and understanding tool.

Maybe the things inside you think are broken are just things that serve your purpose and make you thrive.

Maybe you just need to look at them again.

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