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Of course, most women are not going to tell you that they are directly interested in you. Everyone fears rejection, and that's why ladies choose a more subtle way to deliver their affection signs. There are so many ways to do this, and all you need is to learn how to understand the signs that she loves you without directly saying it, but she meant it. If you look at the behavior of this girl, there's a chance she'll leave you some hints that she's hoping you'll pick up on.

Remember that these signs could not apply in every situation in the same way, because each woman is different and could express her affection in many different ways. You shouldn't assume the girl is in love with you instantly just because she smiled at you a couple of times, and you should be very careful with the progress. Usually, however, these signs are common to all women–

Here are a few signs that you're attracted by the girl, and she'd be happy if you picked them up and noticed her affection.

1. When you flirt with others, she looks jealous

2. She contacts your eyes with you

 3. She's nervous about you

4. She's shivering about

 5. Sensual touch

6. Try to make you

7 happy. Social media interest

 8. When she's around you

9, she always looks happy. She always listens to

10 of you. For her, you're more important than other

 11 people. A lady spends a great deal of time with you.

12. Discussing the lives of each other

13. She's giving you

14 gifts. She's interested in your

15 Personal life. She recalls the tiny details about you

 16. She defends you in controversial situations

 17 In controversial situations, she defends you. A girl is trying hard to get you

18 impressed. She tries to get close to your

 19 Family. She often speaks about

 20 of you to her friends. She puts the first

21 of your happiness. A lady that frequently

22. She always supports and encourages

 23. Of you. On emotional level

 24, she understands you. She sends you emojis of heart when she sends you

25. Texts. All these signs may indicate that a woman has feelings for you, especially when she shows a few signs at once.

     Nevertheless, they are not always accurate and depend on each woman's individual qualities. For instance, the girl might be flirty and bubbly with everybody she knows, or on the other hand, she might be shy and nervous when there's a lot of people around her, and that doesn't mean she's just acting this way in your business. You should make sure she's really in love with you and not mistake her friendly behavior to avoid awkward situations.

Don't try to kiss her or perform romantic interactions if you're not sure she loves you. At first, it would be better to raise this topic in a way that is not straightforward or pressurizing, and it will probably open up to you.

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